What is Life Coaching?

The life coaching I provide is called causal coaching. I don’t simply treat the symptoms of my clients’ pain, but teach them to understand the thoughts that are creating it.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” -Eckhart Tolle

As a coach, I am not here to give your teen advice and direction. I am here to facilitate their growth in understanding themselves and their abilities. I provide my clients perspective on their situation. I help them recognize the power they have and focus on the progress they want to make. We will not simply stay and dwell in the problem. We will face reality, listen to and understand the emotions that are there, and then we will intentionally choose how to process and move forward.

Who is Coaching for?

As a life coach, I am not here to diagnose or medicate your child. Life coaching with me is intended for teenagers who are functional in their daily life, but showing signs that the changes in your family are wearing on them. This may include:

  • decrease in extra-curricular engagement
  • withdrawing from family or friends
  • increased anxiety
  • drop in school performance
  • increased attitude or anger
  • changes in eating patterns
  • expressed sadness or confusion

If your family is dealing with divorce/separation or a parent who has an addiction, support your teen with life coaching. I will provide a judgement-free space to unpack all the feelings that come with these challenges. Then, we move forward on purpose.

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