Create Your Emotions

For most of my life I thought “you can’t help the way you feel.” I am here to tell you, you can!

Your emotions do not just happen to you. They are generated by the thoughts you have.

Let’s say you took a test and scored an 85%. Some people may get that score and be thrilled and proud. Others may be panicked and disappointed. While others still might be curious and determined.

The only reason people produce an array of emotions from the same test score is because they have different thoughts. Amoung many other things, people may think, “Wow, I thought I understood that better, but I wonder what I got wrong” or “Shoot, I did horrible and I never want to look at that test again!” or “My studying paid off, I did awesome!”

There is nothing wrong with any of those thoughts. The point is you can choose which one you want. If someone else can think differently about the situation, so can you. We are human and sometimes want to be upset or sad in a situation; but if you want to be motivated or compassionate in another situation, you can!

I am here to help teenagers be aware of and intentional with their thoughts. I will teach them the skills to empower themselves in the midst of family changes, friend drama, and school pressures.

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