It’s Not Me, It’s You

As people (especially teenagers), we tend to make things about ourselves. I don’t mean in an obvious egocentric way, but in an unintentionally self-deprecating way.

When someone makes a decision, what they say or what they do, it is based on the feelings they have. Our actions are always determined by what we are feeling. To back up one step further, our feelings are based on what we are thinking.

This is true for you and others in your life.

However, many of my teenage clients see something someone else does and makes it about them. “He broke up with me, so ‘I’m not pretty enough.'” “She didn’t invite me over, so ‘I’m boring.'”

Another person’s choices are simply based on their thoughts or their perspective, which does not make it true. You get to decide that it has nothing to do with you.

This is what self-confidence looks like. Other people might have negative opinions of you. They are allowed to be wrong about you, and it’s okay.

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