Midterm Prep

Is your teen stressed about midterms or exams? Students often feel a lot of pressure as the semester comes to a close. They need to review and sometimes relearn everything from the past four and a half months.

Many pre-teens or teens have never been taught how to set goals, plan for them and execute them, even when it comes to their school work.

So, if your teen is stressed and open to your help, sit down with them to discuss a plan. Often times, their plan is just to “study” or “try hard”. Both of those are very vague, and therefore are hard to follow through on, even with the best intentions.

Instead, take about 10 minutes to plan for each class. Look at the days they have to study, spread the studying out, so they aren’t left cramming for hours the night before the exam. Help them decide the time of day or week they feel most productive.

Then discuss how they will study. Will they use a study guide? If so, how? Simply reading and highlighting is not the most effect way to study.

Maybe your child makes flashcards or uses a website like Quizlet (a great digital form of flashcards). One of the most effective ways to study is to take practice tests. These are sometimes provided by the teacher or can be found online. An even more powerful strategy is for your teen to make their own test, then take it a few days later, and finally grade it themselves.

Once they know when and how they will study, help them decide what environment will help them be the most successful. A desk is ideal, but any place other than their bed is best. Your brain associates your bed with sleep, so trying to work on your bed compromises your work and your sleep.

Finally, help make it fun. Offer some hot chocolate at a half-time study break or plan to watch a favorite show when they are done.

If you notice your teen struggles from anxiety around their school work, coaching can help manage their stress. Set up a free parent consultation today.

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