Appreciate the Good

When times feel strained and you feel stretched thin, it can be hard to see the good. Sometimes if we want our life to feel better, we have to really try.

Take the time to look for the good. What things are you thankful for?

As a parent, it’s especially important to take time to look for the things you are thankful for in your teen. Not just that you are thankful for them, but what about them do you appreciate.

I have a toddler, and saying “thank you” is a practice I am trying to do more intentially. When he is kind, thoughtful or helpful, I take the time to get down at his level, make eye-contact, smile and say “thank you.”

He smiles proudly and usually says “thank you, mommy” right back.

My gratitude feels like a reward to him.

Many things change from toddler age to teenage, but the desire to be appreciated does not.

If you feel disconnected from or frustrated with your teen, look for the moments that don’t feel hard (even if you have to look really hard), and express your appreciation genuinely. Suddenly, there is more to be thankful for than you realized.

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