In my expereicne teaching, parenting, and in personal relationships, reflection has been my most powerful tool.

Often when we have difficult moments, we want to forget them. After an arguement, we want to simply move on and be happy that it’s over.

When we do that, we practically guarantee that the drama will repeat itself.

After a stressful exchange with your child (or anyone), take the time to reflect on what led up to the disagreement. Be aware of your thoughts in the moment that led you to react the way you did.

With self-reflection, I am always able to see how I can take responsibility for my part. Then, I can prepare myself for how I want to think, feel, and act in a similar situation, no matter what someone else says or does.

Coaching can instill the practice of intentional reflection in teens. We look at how we can best empower them to make choices they will be proud of.

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