Semester Grades

What are you making your child’s grades mean?

What does your child make their grades mean about themself?

These are decisions. The answers are not dictated by the grade on the paper. You and your teen get to choose what B+ means and what a C- means. The letters themselves are neutral.

How do you want to approach the discussion about grades?

Be curious about how your teen views their grades. Help them see the consequences, both positive and negative, of their grades. No matter the consequences, explain their worth is not defined by their grades.

If you and your teen are seeking to improve grades, ask your teen and yourself why? Reasons for what we want will drive our emotion, and therefore the action we take (or don’t take).

Set specific goals and plans in place for the next semester.

Set up a free parent consultation to see how coaching can help release stress and anxiety around grades, so your teen can focus on an action plan towards their goals.

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