What, Why, and Who

After setting my goals for 2020, I gave them a little more thought this week.

I’ve always found that the questions we ask ourselves are so important, so I wanted to share some questions I asked myself.

For each of my 2020 goals, I asked What? Why? and Who? These are questions I learned from my life coach teacher to help focus our goals.

WHAT? Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve and how will you know you’ve acheived it. For example, one of my goals is to read more. That alone is hard to measure and therefore easy for my brain to talk myself out of (when watching TV seems more comfortable). So, I made my goal measurable by changing it to I want to read two books a month.

WHY? Ask yourself why you are reaching for that goal. The reason behind what we do is always what motivates us. Keep asking yourself why until you find a compelling enough reason to combat all the mental arguments you’ll make in the future.

WHO? Ask yourself who you have to become to accomplish the goal. You haven’t done it yet, so there is a trait you may need to master to do that or a habit you need to implement. Maybe you need to be consistent, vulnerable, open-minded, or disciplined.

I love working with teens on setting their goals and am happy to meet with you if you think coaching could be a good fit for them.

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