How Are You Feeling?

In my first appointment or two with clients, they are usually unaware of what they feel on a regular basis.

It seems like a heavy topic to talk about emotions, so it’s often avoided by teens and adults alike.

What many of us don’t realize is that the way we feel drives everything we do. We always take action or avoid an action because of what we are feeling or because of what we want to feel.

Let’s say you are trying to implement a new workout routine. When you feel motivated, you follow through and make it to the gym. When you feel discouraged, you skip the exercise for the day.

So, becoming aware of what your feeling is essential to understanding and changing the results in your life.

The next challenge for most people is to go beyond good/bad and happy/sad. There are so many more feelings that create a wide variety of outcomes.

If you struggle with the same thing, make yourself a list of feelings (Google them if you need to). Then set times to check in with yourself, and ask how am I feeling?

Are you feeling bored? Grateful? Fearful? Annoyed? Cheerful? Motivated? Anxious? Compassionate? Overwhelmed?

As you do check-in’s with yourself, discuss feelings in conversation with your teen. When they are venting or telling a story, help identify what they or someone else might have been feeling. Simply saying, “Yeah, it sounds like you felt pretty frustrated,” can help them identify emotions they didn’t realize they had.

Everyone can benefit from becoming more aware of their feelings. (Remember it determines everything we do or don’t do!) If this is a skill you are interested in instilling in your teen, set up a free parent constultation with me today.

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