Laziness is a Choice

After all the busyness of the holidays, I’ve been feeling exhausted.

I am repeatedly telling myself “It’s okay to take a break after a busy few weeks”, and “I don’t really need to do what I planned to do.”

If that’s what I’m thinking, of course I feel tired and justified in lounging around.

Here’s the thing, our feelings are always caused by our thoughts. So as I was just waiting for the laziness to pass, I convinced myself to write about it. Why was I not wanting to do my usual chores and tasks?

I realized the thoughts above and with more self-questioning, thoughts like “I deserve to sit and watch TV.”

This is where I remind myself that our thoughts are a choice.

I can believe that thought, because I can show myself plenty of evidence that the work I’ve done warrants sitting on the couch.

I can also choose not to believe that thought, because sitting on the couch when I have other things I’ve planned to get done, does not get me the results I want.

Whether we are looking at productivity, self-confidence or relationships, coaching helps us identify our thoughts. These thoughts always lead to our feelings, which drive our actions.

If you are worried about how your teen is feeling or acting, I can help them understand why they act and feel the way they do, then decide what they want to do about.

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