Feeling Confident

In what areas in your life do you feel confident?

In what areas in your life do you lack confidence?

Confidence is a topic that comes up a lot when coaching teens, but it is usually a struggle for adults as well.

Like all feelings, confidence comes from the thoughts you have. When you feel confident about something, it is not the actual task or skill that makes you confident, it’s your thoughts about it.

For example, if you are walking and trip, you do not feel less confident in your ability to walk. Yet, we give so much power to our failures in other areas.

We assume if we mess up, we have no right to be confident. Ask yourself why you’re not confident. We all have different answers. “I don’t know what I’m doing.” “I’m not good at this.” “I’ve never done it before.” “People will think I’m a failure.”

These are the thoughts that lead us to lack the feeling of confidence.

What if you changed those thoughts? Notice that they don’t serve you, and choose to think something different. “I’m figuring this out.” “I’m learning to be good at this.” “I will find out how to do this.” “People can be wrong about me.”

Your children can see what confidence looks like from your example.

Coaching can help them create it for themselves.

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