Story vs. Fact

What do you believe to be true about your life? About yourself? About your loved ones? About your job? About your home?

We have tons of thoughts about every area of our lives.

Someone else can look at the same circumstances and have totally different thoughts. Even about the things you are sure to be true.

Our brains very quickly interpret the circumstances in our lives into stories with positive or negative connotations. It’s not something we need to stop doing, because we couldn’t even if we wanted to. It’s part of being human.

But awareness of our thoughts leads to any change we want to create.

Think of an area of your life you wish was different. Write down everything you think about it. All the thoughts – the good, the bad, and the things you don’t want to admit to yourself (we all have them).

Now, look back and circle only the things that EVERYONE in the world could agree with as fact.

Everything else is your story.

You don’t need to change it, but be aware that you are creating it with your thoughts. You are not powerless to it. Most of what we tell ourselves is simply a story created from our thoughts and beliefs. Some of it may serve us, some of it may not.

Realizing we create our reality with our thoughts, expands our possibilities exponentially.

This is why I coach teens. Equip your teen with the power of their thoughts to create the story they want while they have so much time ahead of them.

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