What does your child believe?

Beliefs are an interesting thing. Most of us think it’s just the way we see the world, as if it’s out of our control.

A belief is simply a thought we’ve been thinking repeatedly for a long time.

With intention, we can choose our thoughts.

This makes all the difference.

Because our beliefs are our most practiced thougths, they happen automatically. We usually don’t even notice it.

This can be a great thing if it’s a belief that serves us.

However, many times our beliefs are holding us back.

I was working with a teenage client who believed he was a lazy person.

He had evidence to support why he believed that (what others said, what he did), but he also had evidence to support that he was not lazy.

This is where he got to choose.

Believing he was lazy, he felt unmotivated, disempowered, and inadequate. Of course, from that place, he didn’t produce the actions he wanted to or feel confident in his abilities.

We discussed how differently his feelings and actions would be if he chose to think he was hard-working, rather than lazy.

Notice what you believe about yourself and what your children believe themselves. Challenge those beliefs, especially when they don’t serve you.

You can believe anything about yourself. Why not make it amazing? How would you act differently if you believed amazing things about yourself?

Let me help your teen build empowering beliefs about themself. The first step is a free 30-minute parent consultation to discuss your child’s needs.

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