Thoughts on Display

During this time in quarantine, your teen is dealing with a lot of disappointment.

They probably can’t go out to see their friends.

School, proms, graduations, and sports have been cancelled.

The thoughts running through our minds are one thing that can’t be turned off.

In fact, with less distraction, it feels as if the volume has been turned up. We always have chatter going on in our brain – little sentences that feel true, but often are not.

Now, your teen is probably spending a lot more time alone, and all those thoughts that were hidden by staying busy have come out on display.

This can be frightening.

Most teens don’t know how to simply be alone with their thoughts, especially negative ones. They believe they are the only one who has such negative thoughts, so they feel ashamed or broken. It creates a pattern of fear and wanting to hide from themselves often with unhealthy distractions.

Instead, this social isolation can be an opportunity for teens to get to know themselves better, build self-esteem, and learn how to process their thoughts and emotions. So when they’re back out in the world, they confidently know who they are and what they want.

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