Have you worried about your teen’s confidence level and how it will impact their future?

The key is to not just increase your child’s confidence, but their self-confidence.  

What’s the difference?

Confidence is believing you can achieve a specific task or skill.  Self-confidence is being secure in yourself and your ability to handle any emotion, even when you can’t do something well. 

Your daughter may fearlessly try out for the gymnastics team because she knows she has mastered the skills needed.  That is confidence.

Your same confident daughter may struggle to meet new friends.  She might not want to ask for help when she is struggling in math.  She might do things she doesn’t want to, because she’s embarrassed to say no.

It is easy to be confident when you know you can succeed.  The challenging work is knowing and trusting yourself in the moments that are outside of your comfort zone.  That is why we want our kids to have strong self-confidence.  

Self-confidence will help your teen stand up to peer pressure, try new things, meet new people, ask for help, and overcome obstacles.   

I’d love to help your teen build self-confidence this summer.  

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