Filtering Thoughts

We’ve all seen it. Two people can be at the same event, see the same scenario play out, or hear the same words, but somehow they walk away with totally different perspectives on it all.

I like to think of this phenomenon as mental filters we use to view everything. Our filters, which determine how we think and ultimately how we feel, are made by our core beliefs.

Our beliefs often go without being said. They work in the background to form what we think.

With my teen clients, we focus on the beliefs they have about themselves.

If your daughter believes she is awkward or weird, that is the filter her thoughts go through when someone forgets to text her back.

If your son believes he isn’t smart enough, that is the filter his thoughts go through when another student is celebrated for excellent work.

Help your teen form their beliefs intentionally. They will create the filters through which your teen views his/her future.

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