Saying No

For a long time “no” is almost a bad word for our kids to say. We see it as disrespectful or defiant. But when they reach a certain age, we hope and pray they’re able to say no in the right situations.

It’s important for kids to think about when they want to say “no”.

What we value dictates what we let in and out of our lives. I always spend time with my clients discussing their values. It’s something people talk about a lot, but something most of us leave undefined.

What does your teen value? Which values do they want to embody in any/all situation? Which values are important situationally? Which values does your teen look for in a friend/partner?

There is no right answer for these questions, but asking them helps your child (and you) decide what is really important.

It also helps prepare their mind for what it wants to allow and what it doesn’t. Your teen knowing who they are and what they value will make saying “no” easier.

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