This year more than ever, accountability is difficult for teens.

People do better at producing results when they are held accountable by someone else – a boss, a teacher, a trainer, a parent, a spouse.

So for teens who are no longer physically handing in assignments or being dropped off at the school door, getting the work done may seem impossible. No one is making them do it, so do they even have to?

While this is a great challenge, it is also a great opportunity for our kids to learn that the most important person they can be held accountable to is themselves. Keeping up with school work may not always seem fun, but it is it worth doing? Not for your teacher, your parent, or your principal, but for yourself.

My clients and I have been talking about what it is they really want. Temporarily most of us want to watch TV, but long(er) term goals always have our best interest in mind. My clients do want to pass high school, get higher education and/or begin a career. With that in mind, the most important person for them to be accountable to is their future selves.

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